About Us


The story of G-Spectacles starts before the brand's birth, in the 50s, in a family optical shop located in Sicily. Here Gabriele and Ylenia's grandfather started this family adventure in the eyewear sector, being a real pioneer of the industry, always ahead of his time and esteemed collector.
His son-in-law could not help to absorb his passion and to hand it down to his kids, that learnt how to develop the business, innovate the store day after day, bring it nowadays focusing on research of new cutting edge brands and products. Both became opticians, Gabriele concentrated his attention on production and its technical aspects, Ylenia threw herself into fashion and became a fashion stylist.
From the combination of their two attitudes G-Spectacles was born in 2012, previously under the name of G-Sevenstars.



Gabriele and Ylenia are firstly opticians and secondly retailers, their experience guides them to create their own brand, that reflects what opticians and retailers want for their customers.
They decide to only produce handicraft frames 100% made in Italy, research exclusive materials and study different combinations, focusing their attention into details, lightness and comfortable fitting, maintaining an accessible and honest price point.
The glasses are always inspired by a vintage style with a contemporary spirit that make them paradoxically futuristic. Each frame can be assembled with optical lenses or with sun lenses, the customer can choose the color combination and customize his frame, that is always unique.
G-Spectacles' glasses are made to last, made with love and to be loved by their owners. This is the vision of the brand, the philosophy of independent eyewear, to take the liberty of putting time and soul into your creations to realize something different.



Since 2012 the brand attends the main optical and fashion tradeshows like Silmo (Paris), Mido (Milan), Vision Expo East (New York), DaTE(Florence), White (Milan), Pitti (Florence), Fuorisalone (Milan).
It immediately captured the buyers' and press' attention becoming an international brand and expanding its distribution in Europe but also Turkey and South Korea, through several business partnerships.
In 2018 the brand moves his headquarter to Milan, changes his name from G-Sevenstars to G-Spectacles and also open his first flagship store.
G-Spectacles is enlarging his boundaries through his website and social media channels and through interesting collaborations with fashion brands and music artists.

Gabriele and Ylenia can't wait to write the future of their family business and see where their unlimited passion for independent eyewear will lead them.